About us


TopLegal International provides expert knowledge of the Italian legal services market. It has two chief goals. First, to explore what is distinctive about Italian law firms and lawyers which non-Italians often miss. Second, to analyse the significant changes affecting the business of law in Italy.

The stereotype of the top Italian law partner as an unruly, fabulously high-earning maverick began to emerge in the Anglosphere during the early 2000s when Italian and international law firms clashed over integration. Since then, perceptions of Italian business lawyers have continued to centre on some narrow but persistent assumptions. In particular, the entrenched individualism and star culture of Italian lawyers, and the aversion to the management and centralised control typical of international law firms.

Some Italian lawyers, of course, continue to appear to fit this stereotype. However, two significant developments in recent years have been forcing the market to move forward. The first is the market challenges that have concentrated the minds of corporate and commercial lawyers like never before. The increasing commoditization of legal services has compelled Italian law firms to become innovative and business focussed. The second is the generational shift and greater awareness about the need for modern, outward-looking and institutional law firms. These days, the best Italian lawyers are expected not only to generate business but to be effective leaders as well.

TopLegal International tracks and analyses these important transformations. Based in Milan, our team has a truly international perspective and is on the ground in Italy, speaking to lawyers and their clients every day. That makes us best placed to understand the Italian legal scene from the inside as it truly is. A rapidly modernising sector still rooted in tradition.


Marco Michael Di Palma                                                                                                                                 Publisher